Experience The Power Of The Full Moon

Harvest Moon Blessing

September 29th 2023


Unlock Your Inner Healing Potential with Harvets Moon Blessing!

Harness the Mystical Energy of the Moon to Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Discover the Transformative Benefits of Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, and Meditation under the Enchanting Glow of the Blue Moon.

Embrace a Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery

Hi I'm Gina!

Life has been such a great teacher for me!

I'm truly grateful for the path I’ve lived that had special and wonderful happenings, as well as the heart wrenching difficulties that have forged who I am! 

I know exactly what it’s like to be in my 50’s, feeling discouraged, very overweight, overwhelmed, down on myself and just tired out!

I found my way through all that, to feel good again!

It started with learning to love myself & my body again.

Losing 80+ pounds helped me to find my zest for life again!

Liking & Loving myself now, my thoughts have changed so much, right along with my relationship with my body & the food I enjoy!

Now, I'm passionate about helping people find their Self-Love & a loving connection with their bodies, while working on their relationship with food!

Coaching the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge, sharing fun classes like this & Energy Healing sessions, is how I deliver this message.  

I’m a bit hardheaded, and have learned my biggest lessons by going through the rock crusher called life :)

With age comes some wisdom and the discovery~ Life can be a whole lot more fun if I find my center & nurture myself!

Treating myself with the kindness I extend to others feels pretty awesome!!

I'm Gina a WILDFIT Coach & Energy Healer

Sharing my message that Loving Yourself & Your Body with nurturing words, thoughts, actions & excellent nutrition will pay you back with a body & a life that really feels good!

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