Thank You Coach Gina!

Thank You Coach Gina!!

Gina was instrumental in my husband and I‘s journey into getting our health back. She was always available, helpful, and supportive throughout the process.

We dropped a total of 110 pounds collectively, but the best part was feeling great and being able to do stuff with our family again.


Upon joining Wildfit , I was blessed to be coached by Gina Perkins. From day one, I felt so much compassion, joy and loyalty. It made it so easy to care for myself, that I also gave 100%.

So happy for all the information that I received, that I still apply it to everyday life, no matter the situation.

Eternally grateful. Thank you so much Gina!


Wildfit has helped me navigate thru life much better than I ever thought possible. I always felt my journey to loose weight was too hard to accomplish, but the way wildfit and coach Gina work, it is very easy to follow and the results come quicker than you think! I have found a way to eat that makes my life much more enjoyable. Im more knowledgeable about what I’m putting in my body and overall so much happier after wildfit. Thank you coach Gina!


Gina's Own Transformation



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